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History and Goals

In 2012, Egle Jarkova founded a music festival at her home country Lithuania called 

International Summer Music Festival “Vivace Vilnius”. This festival offers intensive master 

classes for young professional musicians and presents concerts performed by the faculty and 

guest artists from all around the world. 

Intended for advanced music school, high school, conservatory or music academy 

students looking to pursue a professional music career, the festival aims to improve participant’s 

creative thinking and their learning process. Students learn to become better observers and 

listeners. From master classes and studio classes, to students’ performances and faculty concerts, 

festival encourages students to come eager to learn, explore and share their ideas with peers and 

teachers. During this time students get to establish new connections and create valuable 


Festival’s faculty members come from USA representing American musical culture and 

esthetics to the participants and concert attendees. These guests are leaders in the musical world 

with extensive experience as pedagogues, soloists, chamber and orchestral musicians.


Accessible Education

Festival’s idea is to provide students free education with internationally known teachers 

and make the concerts free of charge and accessible to wide range of audiences regardless their 

financial ability to visit concerts otherwise.

Facts and Numbers

Since its foundation in 2012, within three years of its growing, the festival had:

 115 participants (students ranging from 11 – 30 years old, average 18 y/o.)

 15 faculty members

 28 free of charge concerts

 2 outreach concert

 13 guest artists 

 All of the above represented 14 countries: Albania, Japan, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, 

Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of 

America, and Venezuela. 

“Vivace Vilnius” presented 22 free admission concerts at:

 National M.K.Ciurlionis Art School 

 Vilnius Town Hall

 Museum of Applied Art

 Vytautas Kasiulis Art Museum

 Vilnius Picture Gallery

 Beatrice’s Memorial Museum

 Santariskes Children Hospital*

* as a part of a presentation about music-medicine intersection made by Dr. Lisa M. Wong.


Photo by Diana Garbačauskienė

Courtesy of "We love Lithuania"